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We strive as adult leaders to provide an atmosphere where students can learn how to live, moment by moment, in faith.

Anastasis Academy began in 2011 as the bold idea of Kelly Tenkely. Kelly sought to create a new paradigm in education where children are challenged and encouraged as unique individuals to fall in love with the joy of learning.



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Kelly is a true educational changemaker. She sees a world of possibility and promise in every student. She has been a teacher, technology integration specialist, educational consultant, writer and speaker. Imagining a new model of education that honors students as unique individuals, Kelly began Anastasis based on this model. She received her B.A. in Teaching from Colorado Christian University. In recognition of her education blogging, she was named one of the 100 most influential education writers, winning an Edublog award.  She is a Promethean Certified Trainer, a DEN Star, 5Sigma Conference Organizer, Curriculum/Instructional Designer, and the creator of the Learning Genome Project, through which she hopes to make the Anastasis model of education available to all children.

“Mrs. Tenkely inspires us because she brings ideas to life. She is what makes Anastasis great! (also, she is kind of a big deal).”
— Camryn A.
“Mrs. Tenkely has a mind so creative it bursts with ideas for us.”
— Makayla A.

Nancy is the spark that can light the fire of learning. She ignites excitement for learning in her students, and empowers them to become explorers of the world. She has been with Anastasis since the beginning, teaching students in first through fourth grade. Her classroom is a place of imagination and innovation. She received a B.A. in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University in Mason City, Iowa, and an M.A. in Counseling from Denver Seminary. Before coming to Anastasis, Nancy taught at the Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver. She has led extended environmental education trips to the San Juan Islands in Washington and the Catalina Islands off the coast of California. She created our school’s Giving Garden, and built a service learning program with SAME Cafe.

“Ms. Nancy plans fun math. We get to do games and learn math in different ways, it isn’t just worksheets all the time!”
— Liana E.
“Ms. Nancy knows how we learn best, in and out of school. All of the teachers pay attention to who we are and what we are going through.”
— Will H.
“Ms. Nancy is an inspiring caretaker of the earth.”
— Makayla A.

Lana has an incredible knack for getting kids to believe in themselves. It is truly something to behold. She brings to Anastasis a wealth of experience from her time as an educator in an international environment. After receiving a B.A. in History and a M.A.T. (Masters in the Art of Teaching) from the University of Arkansas, where she was also on the swim team, Lana taught English, drama, history, and geography in London-area schools. She also spent 6 summers working with youth at Kanakuk Kamp in Branson, MO. Prior to moving to Colorado, Lana taught world history and US history for two years in Plainfield, Indiana, where she also served as a swimming coach to the Plainfield High School Swimming and Diving Team. Before coming to Anastasis Academy, she worked for Denver K-Life as a youth mentor and leader, and at Valor Christian High School as the Student Life Coordinator and World History Teacher.

“Mrs. Hawk takes time for each of us, if we get stuck she is patient to help us think through it differently.”
— Ben B.
“Mrs. Hawk makes sure that we are always at the right level for us. She challenges us but makes us feel like we can understand what we are doing.”
— Noelle B.
“Mrs. Hawk makes an effort to know us outside of her class and donates her time so that we can do after school hangouts.”
— Charleigh G.
“I learn differently than a lot of my peers, Mrs. Hawk helps me to learn the way that I learn.
I can be stubborn and over think things, Mrs. Hawk knows how to help me out of that mule mode.”
— Jackson B.

Michelle is the sort of teacher who can put a song in your heart. She has worked as a vocal music teacher and vocal music director. A frequent presenter for schools as well as business and community organizations in areas of technology integration and social media, Michelle cultivates creativity and curiosity in her students. She and her students are often asked by developers to review web tools and iPad apps, as well as new books. She has extensive experience in the technology world, having been a software trainer, programmer and consultant, as well as an e-commerce project manager.

“Mrs. Baldwin has a loving and kind heart. She sees through the walls we put up.”
— Charleigh G.
“Mrs. Baldwin is funny and lets us sing songs with her. She is good at playing the piano. She is loving and kind to us all the time.”
— Nora K.

Debra’s optimism and energy in the classroom are contagious. She is a master at building community not only within her classroom but also in the wider community as well. She holds “all ins” for her students after school where she takes them to Jump Street, ice skating, Brunswick Zone and other fun places to help her kids get to know one another and play outside of school.

Students love her and are inspired by her every day. She received a B.A. in Physical Education/Health from Judson University, where she also received a Special Education Certification. She has been at Anastasis since 2012, working with students in grades 4-through-6. She also stays fit (and makes sure others do, too) in her role as a personal trainer.

“Mrs. Weissman always puts us before herself, if we need extra help she makes it so that we understand and will even stay after school with us.”
— Will H.
“I can tell Mrs. Weissman cares about me. It isn’t just school, she takes time to help me with whatever I’m going through.”
— Hayley S.
“Mrs. Weissman knows us really well and she knows what we like. I like rollercoasters so during this inquiry block I got to learn about the physics of rollercoasters and build one in the prototype lab. Mrs. Weissman got me an internship at Elitches so that I could see what it is like to run the roller coasters.”
“Mrs. Weissman is a lovable ninja with a heart full of beauty and peace.”
— Makayla A.

Lance has a way of opening our students’ eyes to the world around them. He graduated from South Dakota State University with a B.A. in Geography and History, and received his M.A. in International Studies from the University of Denver. Lance has lived, studied and taught abroad in El Salvador, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, Ukraine and Uganda. He is the founder and chief advisor to Action in Africa. Lance taught high school social studies for 15 years, and now brings his gift of teaching to our Anastasis Academy junior high students.

“Mr. Fink challenges us to sit next to other people to help us build community. Things like that make our school feel more like a family than a school.”
— Jack H.
“Mr. Fink is adventurous and takes us on trips to share the world.”
— Samantha S.
“Mr. Fink is amazing at taking us out into the world and letting us experience things rather than just reading about it. He knows that when we actually do it, we’ll form our own substantiated opinions and be more well rounded.”
— Joseph S.
“Mr. Fink is a mind blowing engineer of the soul.”
— Makayla A.