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You can't guide children to where they need to go if you don't first meet them where they are.

Children develop at different rates and in ways that are unique to them. Just as children don’t all walk, talk, or lose their teeth at exactly the same time, we recognize that learning won’t always occur on the same day or in a predetermined manner. By meeting each of our students where they are and allowing them to learn and develop at their own rate, we minimize the risk of gaps in learning. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our teachers create learning experiences for the students based on learning style preferences, multiple intelligence strengths, developmental levels, interests and passions.

The Anastasis Academy Learning Model

All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when designing a learning program. No boxed curriculum will ever be able to meet the unique cognitive, social-emotional, physical and creative developments of a child. The boxed curricula that most schools utilize are simply too narrow in scope to address the needs of unique individuals. The Anastasis inquiry-based approach creates connections across disciplines, revealing the interconnected nature of learning and life.

Too many schools approach learning through siloed subjects (math, science, social studies, reading, etc.) in rigid time blocks day-to-day, year-to-year; the result being that children begin to see the various subjects as completely separate and unrelated to one another. At Anastasis Academy we embrace inquiry, a transdisciplinary educational model, which transcends the curriculum content itself and focuses on authentic learning and new perspectives in context. At Anastasis students experience learning as a journey. Through field trips, learning excursions and inquiry, students see that learning can happen anywhere (not just inside the four walls of the classroom), you can learn from anyone (not just your teacher), and learning is life (inquiry).

The four forms of inquiry we utilize at Anastasis:

Confirmation Inquiry:
We give students a question, along with a method.  The students already know the answer to the question.  The goal is to encourage them to confirm the answer.  Confirmation Inquiry allows students to sharpen their investigative skills and affirm ideas that are already established.

Structured Inquiry:
Students are given the question and method to arrive at the correct answer.  Structured Inquiry allows them to explain what they have discovered through the investigative process.

Guided Inquiry:
We give our students a question and they learn to develop the investigative approach so that they can test the question itself.  There is less structure provided in Guided Inquiry than other forms of inquiry.

Open Inquiry:
Students have to develop their own questions, determine the best investigative method, and carry out the inquiry itself.  Once they have completed the process they then present their results.

For Primary through Jr. High we average one field trip per week that is related to the inquiry. Each class is also connected with a non-profit that they visit once a month for service. this helps kids understand that they have something they can contribute to community now, not just some day in the future.

PRIMARY (K-3) // Structured Inquiry

Anastasis’ primary grade students experience the power of inquiry as they explore the world through questions. In these important first years, our teachers help learners construct a developmentally appropriate and academically solid foundation. Our personalized educational model helps students develop a deep yearning for learning and discovery.

Anastasis learning is designed to be immersive, authentic, realistic and connected for each child. In addition to rich inquiry units, students begin to understand that learning happens everywhere. Field trips, guest speakers and multi-age learning experiences permeate each block.

INTERMEDIATE (3rd-5th) // Guided Inquiry

Our students build on the incredible foundational skills and experiences behind them and begin to move forward as more independent, critical thinkers.

Anastasis intermediate students see increased freedom in their learning and begin developing the skills necessary for properly managing that freedom. Our students learn and practice time management, organization and other life-management skills that will launch them into their future as lifelong learners.

It is during the intermediate years that our students experience increased independence in collecting, organizing and showcasing their work in their e-portfolios. Supported and encouraged by their teacher mentors, students also have increased accountability for taking ownership of their own learning.

JR. HIGH // Open Inquiry

Anastasis students are contributing members of society now, not someday in the future. This is particularly evident with students at the Jr. High grade level. Anastasis Jr. High students experience the fullness of what it means to have properly managed freedom in learning. They are active in their learning, thinking about material critically while being open to other perspectives, views and ideas. They begin to truly understand the idea of connection as a multiplier and collaborate to impact our world.

Anastasis Jr. High students enjoy rich literature, dialogue, connective thinking and a holistic view of learning. Our students enjoy incredible learning experiences and journeys including trips to places like the Black Hills and Costa Rica.



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